Georgia, Tbilisi, 0162
Chavchavadze str. # 37b
Tel: +995 322 19 33 00

If you are importer company from Europe and do not want to store big stock, “pallet express” is right for you.
Less then full trucks loads gives you possibility to be more flexible buyer, because you can order frequently and in less amounts.
We offer you transportation of different kind of partial cargos from Europe to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. The standard schedule for such kind of transportation is as follows: After receiving the order our European partner picks up your cargo from your supplier and delivers it in one of the our warehouses where we gather other orders and load them on our truck going to Georgia. Taking into account gained experience, standard delivery time from most European countries is 14-16 days, you will be informed about dates more precisely on each order.

Service includes:

  • Transportation of partial cargo in any type of packaging;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods;
  • Preparation of customs exports documents;
  • Preparation of euro 1 certificate

Our warehouses distribution in Europe:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Bulgaria